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Paula Januszkiewicz IIS 8 Hexcode, Warszawa X 2013

Paula Januszkiewicz

Paula says: 'We go far beyond simply presenting how to 'break into operating systems'! We are proud to say that this course is equally important for those who need to test, defend or perform a risk assessment of their infrastructure. Let us infect you with technology PASSION!

Paula is an IT Security Auditor and Penetration Tester, Enterprise Security MVP and trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor. She also is a top-speaker on many well-known conferences (for example: TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, TechDays worldwide RSA worldwide, CyberCrime etc.) and a publihed author of articles on Windows Security. She conducted hundreds of IT security audits and penetration tests, including those for military customers. 
Her distinct specialization is definitely in Microsoft security solutions, the field she holds multiple Microsoft certifications in (MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCDBA etc.).  A number of certifications in other related technologies add up to a successful expert portfolio.  Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. In her private time, she enjoys researching new technologies, which she converts into authored trainings. She authored a book on Threat Management Gateway 2010.
She has been doing penetration tests for 10 years now! She has got official access to a source code for Windows!

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