Cloud Identity

Everything you want to know about Cloud integration services, based on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 exemplification.

The Cloud Identity Expert Workshop run by Tomasz Onyszko.


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The future of any organization in today's world is influenced by their ability to employ cloud-enabled business models when using complex and widely distributed systems. Virtual services that safely host all the programs, and applications that are remote and mobile user-friendly, require high-performing and flexible cloud environment. Those services, delivered and consumed real time over the Internet, have become an integral part of companies' daily operations.

And while the use of Web-based services brings great opportunity for businesses to develop, it is essential to fully recognize practical challenges that come with cloud implementation.

Tomasz Onyszko

Architect and technical evangelist at Predica. An expert with a handful years of experience, yet in a constant state of learning. TechEd, Microsoft Technology Summit, The Expert Conference recognized speaker, with professional status inseparably linked to digital identity. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Passionate to get people excited about the technology and prove the business value of using it.



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  • Integration scenarios between on-premises services and the Cloud,  illustrated mainly with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure models.
  • Best-case-scenario choosing techniques, pros and cons Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 user management, authentication and authorization services Windows Server Technologies- ADFS, Web Application and Proxy services
  • Differences between DirSync and Azure AD Sync- configuration and usage
  • Password Federation vs. Password Synchronization- which solutions will work best for you?
  • Architecture, configuration and implementation of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for on-premises applications and in the Cloud
  • Publishing of the internal applications to the Internet through ADFS and Web Application Proxy
  • Publishing of the internal applications to external users at Microsoft Azure AD, and other services
  • Integration of internal applications and hybrid model authentication infrastructure

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