Our App - Your Business

At Hexcode, we like to be challenged. We share passion to help your business grow stronger. Each project deserves the same passionate and personal approach. A journey to excellence is different for every company!

We get to know your unique needs through detailed analysis. We think -optimization, we think - cost cutting ideas, we think - productivity growth plan.

At Hexcode we specialize in:

  • Web applications - We design, implement and and develop systems tailored to your needs.
  • Mobile applications - Today's  leaders don't need to be reminded that the market is ever-changing. The emergence of new mobile applications is transforming the information technology and business landscape throughout all industries. We specialize in providing apps for the most used operating systems (Windows Mobile, iOS/Apple, Android).
  • Workflow applications - Efficiency-improvement-apps set up to support your Company's unique requirements.
  • System integration solutions -  We know how crucial for your business is workflow optimization. With experience in turning an integration vision into every-day operational reality we can unlock the full value of information through careful integration between systems used (ERP, BI and other trade systems).
  • Parameterization and solution implementation - Are you in the market for proof-wrong solutions designed that caters directly to your unique needs? You are in right hands. We successfully work with Microsoft platforms such as MD CRM, SharePoint and Exchange.

We trust the reliability of proven technologies, yet keep our minds open at all times. Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantees the highest-quality mobile application service and opens a whole new range of possibilities for your business to grow bigger.

The comprehensive dedicated web application package includes:

  • Business needs analysis
  • Project creation- in cooperation with your team
  • Programming
  • Apps testing
  • Project implementation
  • Integration of new software with currently used IT solutions
  • New application training for users
  • Technical assistance and Service Level Agreement

Want to know more? Contact us at: hc@hexcode.pl

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